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Fire Extinguishers

Depending on your requirements we will have the correct fire extinguisher to aid in fire protection.  

Dry powder fire extinguishers are multi-purpose and cover a vast range of materials - paper, wood, fuel, cloth - to name a few.   

Co2 fire extinguishers are the best for electrical fires.  

Foam fire extinguishers are the best for oil or fuel fires.  So give us a call to discuss your needs.

Fire Extinguishers - Fire Equipment HB

Annual Inspection and Maintenance

Standard NZS4503 Hand Operated Fire-fighting Equipment sets the inspection and maintenace requirements if you have fire extinguishers, fire blankets or fire hoses on site.  The majority of our customers like to receive an email reminder or a phone call early on in the month to book in their annual inspection. This gives them confidence knowing we will be there to carry out their annual inspection for health & safety purposes.  Should any extinguisher need to be removed from site for maintenance a 'loan' extinguisher is left in its place so there is always enough cover for the site in case of an emergency.

Annual Inspection - Fire Equipment HB
Maintenance - Fire Equipment HB

Hire Equipment

We have portable fire stations, fire extinguishers, and signage available for hire for those needing fire protection for an event eg. inside marquees.

Pressure and Hydrostatic Testing

Every five years a fire extinguisher requires pressure testing / hydrostatic testing as per the Compressed Gas Regulations.  The test is carried out by a Periodic Tester at a Registered Testing Laboratory to ensure the extinguisher will hold the extinguishing agent - dry powder, Co2, foam etc.  The extinguisher is checked for potential failure points - corrosion, abrasion, dents and weld damage, any of these could cause the fire extinguisher to fail and to be withdrawn from service.

Pressure Testing - Fire Equipment HB


Do your staff know how to use a fire extinguisher? Our training covers:

  • Fire Basics -  Classes of fire, How to…
  • Procedures -  What to do…
  • Equipment - Capability and imitations
  • Hands on -  Putting out a fire with our simulator


Cost:   Groups of 6 - 15   $350 + GST (larger groups by negotiation).
Cost includes:

  • Local travel (Napier, Hastings)
  • Demonstration time
  • Fire extinguishers used
  • Certificates for all participants
  • One Certificate For Your Companies Workplace Health & Safety Folder.

Our Training is NOT NZQA and is based around what type of fire extinguishers YOU have on site.

Fire training - Fire Equipment HB
Fire Training Services - Fire Equipment HB

The Building Act stipulates:

“The employer should ensure that employees are suitably trained in the use and operation of portable or other fire fighting equipment provided at the place of work.”
Publication “Guidelines for the Provision of Facilities, General Safety and Health in Commercial and Industrial Premises.”

Oct 1995  -  Part 1.17   Fire Precautions

Registered IQP - Fire Equipment HB


Legislation Regarding the Building Warrant of Fitness
Part 2 Section 108 of the Building Act 2004 requires you, as the building owner, to supply to the Territorial Authority a Building Warrant of Fitness(BWOF) annually on the anniversary of the issue of the compliance schedule.   This confirms that the specified systems stated in the compliance schedule have been inspected, maintained, reported on and comply with the requirements of the compliance schedule during the previous 12 months.

Person of Responsibility
An Independently Qualified Person (IQP) is a person who is registered with the local territorial authority as having the experience to conduct inspections for the specified systems as listed on the Building Warrant of Fitness.  They must do the majority of the inspections and maintenance however the owner or a person given authority by the owner can in some cases carry them out if approval from the territorial authority has been received.  Nevertheless the system or feature must be inspected annually by and IQP or LBP. 

Requirements of a BWOF
The building owner is required to maintain a record of the inspections and maintenance carried out on the specified systems as listed on the BWOF.  Annually the BWOF is to be signed off by the owner and a copy forwarded to the Territorial Authority.

Owner’s Inspections and Maintenance
Inspection sheets are provided by Fire Equipment Hawke’s Bay and are to be completed Monthly. These sheets must be retained for 24 months once completed and produced when required by the Territorial Authority. The IQP must also sign the inspection sheet to indicate they have carried out one or more of the inspections.