Gasworkz Ltd T/A Fire Equipment Hawke's Bay

Providing prompt professional simple solutions

Whether you are a new business starting out, or an existing business needing compliance advice, Fire Equipment Hawke's Bay wants to be the service company you call first.

Locally owned and operated, we provide prompt professional simple solutions that won’t break your bank balance. Don’t go with the first quote you get - give us a call to compare prices, we'd love to hear from you

All fire extinguisher pressure testing and recharging work including Co2 and dry powder is carried out on site at 209 Wilson Road, Woolwich Hastings where we co-exist with Gasworkz Ltd our parent company.

We've been providing business with prompt and professional fire safety solutions, at a competitive price, since February 2008.

It takes just two minutes from smoulder to disaster

Taking preventative action and having the appropriate working extinguisher in the right place will reduce the impact if a fire has been discovered in the early stages of ignition.

What we can do for you

Having a fire extinguisher at your place of work is not enough. 

Do you and your staff know how to use an extinguisher?  When was the last time your extinguisher was serviced? Are you 100 percent certain your extinguisher will work when you need it?  Did you know that an extinguisher can lose pressure while sitting around gathering dust?

Fire Equipment Hawke's Bay will make sure your fire prevention methods are sound robust.  

We carry out Building Warrant of Fitness inspections by an IQP (Independent Qualified Person) and provide the Form 12 and 12A Certificate of Compliance.  We can help you with:





Legal obligations, insurance and compliance

More and more businesses are calling us as they have been contacted by their insurance company asking for proof their extinguishers and fire hoses are up to date with annual inspections, or they have had an insurance audit and the assessor requires fire equipment on site. Others call because their site is non compliant so the Building Warrant of Fitness is unable to be issued. We can assist through the IQP process to aid with compliancy.

If you are an employer, or the owner of a commercial or industrial building you should already be aware of your legal obligation to comply with fire safety regulations under the Building Act 2004 and the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015. 

Becoming compliant can be a confusing and time-consuming process, and that’s where Fire Equipment Hawke's Bay can help. We are the local specialists who will assist you through the myriad of legislation to ensure you become compliant quickly, armed with the advice you need to ensure your staff and buildings are covered appropriately, and with a minimum of fuss.  Give us a call as we have the staff and contacts to help you.

We stock the latest in fire safety equipment, which we can install, show you how to use correctly, and maintain as part of your annual inspection and compliance.


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